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What we believe in

Passion for craftsmanship

Our passion

Since 1985, nature has always been a strong inspiration for all our products, resulting in a beautiful and functional ceramic that evolves from season to season. Three different types of clay are used, the clay is extracted and processed from local materials. Each product goes through 6 steps in production before it goes into the kiln. At each work step, each product gets the personal touch of the respective employee and is thus given its unmistakable character. Every employee of the traditional house is specially trained in processing and handling in order to preserve this tradition and to constantly develop it further. This makes every product an emotional product, not only for the person who created it, but also for its owner. Every product that leaves the kiln is the result of a shared passion for producing distinctive craftsmanship. The temperature of the kiln is the heart and most important part of the manufacturing process, the temperature determines the nuances of the colors of each individual product. This is our passion for ceramics.

The vision of Table Chemistry

Every Table tells a Story

Richly laid tables and a variety of friends and family… Long summer nights when the chemistry at the table is so special that everyone can draw a part of life energy from it long afterwards. My feeling of a perfect table experience.

When I met through my family the owners of a pottery in South Africa, whose ceramics have been an integral part of my kitchen ever since, the idea was born to share this unique feeling with them and Table Chemistry was born. Ceramic so special in its feel and property that it transforms the table into an experience.

With our unique selection of handmade products, created and selected with the utmost care and love, we want to offer you every day the opportunity to transform your own home into the most beautiful place in the world.

Start your new dining experience!


Benjamin Veltman

Founder of Table Chemistry