Passion about Ceramics

Since 1985 Nature has always been a strong inspiration to all our products which has resulted in beautiful and functional ceramics, evolving from season to season.
Using 3 different locally in South Africa sourced clays, each item is lovingly cared for by at least 6 skilled staff members, each of which leaves their individual mark on the end product.  Our in-house training provides our staff with the opportunity to share their skills as well as honing new techniques.  Our products are personal, not only to those who make them but to you as well.
The organic qualities of working with these clays and glazes allow for our products to be unique, even to each other, as each piece reacts slightly differently in the kiln as well as being handmade using artisanal methods, this only adds to the uniqueness of our high-quality products that we are proud to share with you.
Our homeware items are intended to be used every day –they are not just pretty to look at, they are hardworking, functional items that can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven.  We like making life easy!
We are contemporary, yet, we base our product lines on ‘old-school’ functionality, production, and most importantly, on the love of ceramics in a modern and ever-changing world.